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Whenever a new windshield is installed, the system must be re-calibrated to ensure the systems are functioning properly.

Having your car’s windshield professionally recalibrated greatly enhances your safety and others’ who share the road. All our work is professionally done with Opti Aim Calibration Tool and Aiming Equipment to give you peace of mind.

Our Calibration Centre is equipped with up to date technology to assure your ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) systems are working correctly.

The ADAS system relies on Cameras, Lasers, and Radar-
When a windshield is replaced, the camera is unplugged and removed from its bracket.
After the glass replacement is completed, the camera then needs to be reattached and re-calibrated. If this is not performed, the ADAS system may not function safely and we make sure that after windshield replacement you get your car with perfect ADAS system functioning and it usually have following calibration systems-

Static Calibration:
Performed with the vehicle in park, targets are strategically placed in the camera’s view. This calibration requires precise measurements of the target placements, along with our Opti-Aim computer.

Dynamic Calibration:
The vehicle needs to be test-driven to ensure each function of the ADAS system is functioning properly. The Opti-Aim machine is connected while the vehicle is driven in clear conditions, centered in a clearly marked lane.

Universal Calibration:
Static and dynamic re-calibration combined.


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